Our Clients

We choose to see our clients for who they are—not what they do or to what group they may belong. Therefore, our clients are not classified by age, religious affinity, ethnic background, educational background, or income level; they are anyone and everyone who has property management needs for which we can successfully meet. And we do this while embracing our core relationship-building principles: Engage, Perform, Impress, and Continue.

Our clients’ real estate portfolios include, but are not limited to:

  • Condominiums
  • Converted single dwelling residential units
  • Multi-unit residential units
  • Single dwelling residential units

Irrespective of the architectural variety, the commonality amongst all our clients is the desire to secure and potentially increase the value of their investment. At Abode, we manage our clients’ properties as though they were our very own homes. We take pride in them—the unique features,  amenities and the neighbourhood.

It is easy for you to become our client if you crave a savvy management and marketing approach that focuses on people before property. Simply stated: We value people. We build relationships with everybody, from renters and contractors, to our partners and alliances. We’re always re-evaluating and re-aligning our business approach and methods to synch up with the diversified needs of property owners in an ever-changing real estate market.