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February 2015


Realtor Recognition







Welcome to the our ” outstanding property manager ” recognition page where our “one thing” is to recognize and feature property management personnel in Ontario who simply love their roles and they let is show in the manner in which they serve, cooperate and communicate.

Criteria – A person working in the property management field in Ontario whose service is exemplary in the areas of customer service, cooperation , communication, character and leadership.

Entry cut off dates – The last day of each month will be the entry cut off date

Submissions – Please submit all monthly nominations via email to jumie@abodepropertymgmt.com, you must include the full name of the real estate professional, a story or experience that exemplifies the realtor’s character or leadership qualities.

Recognition –  The property management professional will be featured across all our electronic platforms highlighting to the public, our readers and followers what makes this individual an “outstanding” professional in the industry.

Prize – The property management professional will receive a gift as appreciation for the work they are doing in promoting and raising the bar in the property management industry.