Who we are

 The birth of Abode Property Management was a personal one.

 A friend of ours had decided to work abroad for a few years and needed someone to manage his condo while he was away. He confessed, however, that one of his biggest concerns was being able to trust his property to other people. Marketing experience, real estate knowledge, and personal trust were paramount to being able to let others manage his home. As both a property owner and a licensed real estate professional ; Our company’s CEO, Jumie O.  fully understood his concerns and asked, “How may I help?” It was then–in 2006–that she founded Abode.

In the last four years, we have forged positive, long-term relationships that transcend the tasks we perform. We have taken special care in building our management team, partners and alliances. In our team you will find several professional realtors, accountants, lawyers, business consultants, risk management experts. This enables us to truly be a full-service property management company, giving our landlords the assurance we can successfully oversee, market, protect, and increase the value of their properties.